The evolution of the Icelandic horse from 1950-2010 told with historical facts and through the voices of many, such as the one below. In bookstores Christmas 2011.

The year was 1974. I was a young teen at the time, riding north to Skagafjörður, to Landsmót, with my father and others, with over 100 horses in tow. When we reached Vindheimamelar we weren’t certain where our horse club’s area was, and consequently where we should put the large herd. We stopped with the horses on the trail, which was next to the track area. There was a large crowd of people surrounding the track area, and I was sent to inquire where we should put our horses. I ran into a gentleman, holding a black horse. I told this man my story, and he said to me, “I will ride with you, and show you where to go.” Across the track area we walked, with the black horse.

I rode up front, next to this gentleman and his black horse, with the large herd behind us. This black horse exuded presence and dignity. The horse’s looks were indescribable, and he stood out from a crowd of horses - that’s how amazing he was. After reaching our destination, I turned to my father and said, “THAT is the type of horse that I need to own! Who is that horse? Do you think he could possibly be for sale? Who was that man, and do you think he’ll sell me the black horse?” My father gave me a smile and said, “I doubt that he’s for sale. That was Sveinn Guðmundsson, and that was Sörli frá Sauðárkróki.” (Sörli became the first honor prize stallion in 1978.)

Story told by Kristján R. Kristjánsson